I Just Want Some Privacy!

Sometimes, people just want a little more privacy – and we can’t blame you for that. Privacy fences are very popular among Western Michigan homeowners, and the following are the most common styles to give yourself the added privacy you are looking for.

Tongue and Groove Fence

This is named as such due to the joint between the fence pickets. Generally seen in poly vinyl, but also available in wood, this style adds an clean aesthetic appeal to the landscaping of your home. If you want to open up the wall-like structure of the privacy fence, you can add a lattice section to top the fence off, as shown below:

Polyvinyl Pool Fence in Zeeland, Michigan



Stockade Fence

Stockade fences are often what you picture when you think of a fence – wooden pickets which are placed directly next to each other. This is still an attractive solution, and is generally more cost-efficient.



Flatboard Privacy Fence

This variety of privacy fencing is sort of a cross between the framed tongue and groove style and the natural stockade style. The pickets are placed side by side, and joints are spaced as you wish to give the fence a little more style.



If you are looking to increase your privacy come spring and summer, we can help you find the perfect fence to match your personal style and needs.


Courtesy of Riverside Fence