Helpful Tips For Painting your Fence

Helpful Tips For Painting Your Fence

Ask a Fence Company what their customers inquire about the most and the answer is usually painting. Painting a fence can seem like an overwhelming task, but it does not have to be with the right tools. Straight Line Fence is dedicated to helping their customers learn to properly care for their fence and ensure it stays in sound shape and looks beautiful. With the following tips, homeowners will better understand the steps they need to take to make sure they are painting their fence correctly.

Tips For Painting Fences

While painting a fence will certainly give a person a good workout, it does not have to be overly difficult, as long as a person has the right tools and an understanding of what it will take to get the job done correctly. The painting process will need to be carried out according to the type of material the fence is made of so the right outcome can be achieved.

  • A Wood Fence first needs to be cleaned to remove any mold and mildew that may be present. Power washing the fence with a mixture of bleach and water will help to clean the wood and prepare it for the paint. If the fence has already been painted, it is wise to sand off the old pant to make room for the new. After sanding, the fence should be checked for any signs of termite damage so the wood can be replaced if needed. Working on one section at a time and using high-quality paints will help to ensure the fence looks new and inviting for the home.
  • Painting an Aluminum Fence is not any more difficult than painting wood, there are simply different steps involved in the process. A metal fence will first need to be scrubbed to remove any rust spots so it will be ready to accept the paint. Using a stiff wire brush is the most effective way of removing the rust. Mineral spirits can be used to remove any remaining rust spots that might be left behind. Before painting, it is important to prime the fence so the finish will last longer once it is painted. After the primer, the paint should be rust-proof paint, to help prevent corrosion from occurring.

Homeowners who prefer to avoid painting their fence should consider purchasing a Vinyl Fence for less stress. These fences require much less maintenance and will simply need to be pressure washed from time to time to remove the dirt and grime that build up.

Are You In Need of a New Fence?

If you are tired of the look of your old fence and are ready for a change, check with a Fence Company like Straight Line Fence and allow us to help you design a Custom Fence. With our design team and contractors, we will work to make sure your fence is a thing of beauty.

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