Fences Do More than Enhance Curb Appeal

Fences Do More than Enhance Curb Appeal

The range of materials, colors, styles, designs, and heights of fencing options makes it easy to select one to draw attention to the yard, new landscaping elements, a new pool, or just revitalize an old deck or porch. Short picket fencing around newly planted and mulched trees are an excellent example. Designs can be painted on the fence, decals can be added, or three-dimensional embellishments can provide some texture. The look is classic, the trees stand out, and there is protection from a riding mower.

Care-Free Durability

A maintenance-free choice for that application is a Vinyl Fence instead of a traditional Wood Fence. Vinyl resembles wood but is more durable and cost-effective. Wood must be re-painted, and sealed every two to three years to remain strong and look stunning. Vinyl will not splinter, warp, be eaten by termites, or fade. It stands up to the elements better than wood.

Water Features

Any water feature in the yard, whether it is a fountain, a waterfall, or a pool, requires a fence for safety and security. It is critical because most insurance companies will not provide homeowner or liability insurance without a stable fence and a gate that can be locked. Municipalities have regulations regarding fences around pools as well. Safety does not translate to utilitarian and ugly. A fence can be beautiful and still be in compliance.

To satisfy the need and the desire for aesthetics, an established Fence Company is a wise choice. Precise measurements, selection assistance, free estimates, and attention to detail are what homeowners can expect from a company that has over two decades of experience among all the professionals. A wrought iron fence is popular to surround pools, but the maintenance can be time-consuming as a do-it-yourself project or expensive to have it done professionally every year or two. Wrought iron is impressive with ornate designs or elegant scrolls. It is also susceptible to rust, which is more of a concern when exposed to pool water and chemicals.

Safe and Low Maintenance

An alternative to wrought iron is an ornamental Aluminum Fence. Aluminum fencing is available in several colors, styles, and heights. This material has a powder coating finish that protects it from corrosion and chemical damage. The water and chemicals in the pool will not diminish the strength, look, or condition of this material. Homeowners can create a safe environment without sacrificing beauty. Another low-maintenance option is chain-link fencing with a vinyl coating. The coating protects the metal and provides a color. Options for the coating are brown, green, and black.

Design Something Unique

Working with an established Fence Company also provides an opportunity for homeowners to have a Custom Fence designed, built, and installed. Discuss ideas and visions for the final fence and let the designer come up with some drawings. The professionals building the fence can recommend materials, colors, and gate types. Strength, height, and installation techniques will be presented by the expert installers to ensure the fence will remain in place for many years into the future. A company that specializes in custom designs, as well as in stock options, will be able to complete orders that fit most budgets.