Should You Replace or Repair Your Fence?

It is important for homeowners to preserve their property, and in many cases, that involves hiring someone to repair or replace your fence. Those who own fences should periodically evaluate them for damage. If problems exist, it’s time to decide whether replacement is necessary, or if repair is the right option.

Is it Time to Replace or Repair the Fence?

Because all fences are different, it is wise to determine the financial feasibility of repairs vs. replacement. A major factor in this decision is that repairs are typically cheaper and easier than replacement; however, finding someone to replace the fence allows the owner to make style and design changes. Replacement can help a property owner get ready for the future by investing in fencing that accommodates later plans, such as starting a family or getting a pet. There are many things to consider when deciding whether to replace or repair your fence and the factors above can help the property owner make an informed decision.

Consider the Fence’s Problems

The first step in deciding whether to replace or repair a fence is to inspect it and note all the problems it’s causing, having or failing to prevent. For instance, a wood fence tends to become damaged more easily than wrought iron or plastic, as everything from precipitation to insects can cause damage. Vinyl fencing is ideal for those who want a low-maintenance option, but damage can still occur from a variety of sources. Aluminum fences are durable, but they still may need occasional repair and/or replacement.

When Should a Fence be Replaced?

After evaluating the fence, the nature of the problem and the extent of the damage, it’s time to decide whether to replace or repair the fence. In many cases, a fence contractor can help the customer evaluate his or her options in a realistic way. If repairs are extensive or difficult, replacement may make sense. An easy rule is that if more than 20% of the fence is damaged, it should be replaced by a local contractor.

Keeping the Fence Maintained in the Future

Once the fence is replaced or repaired, the owner must still pay attention to its condition. It’s a good idea to follow the contractor’s recommendations for maintenance, and owners shouldn’t let small problems grow into big ones. Extending the fence’s lifespan with proper maintenance is worthwhile because it means that less time is spent on future upkeep and repairs.