Estimating the Cost of Privacy Fence

For homeowners, a privacy fence provides them with a more enjoyable property overall. It gives them a barrier that prevents prying eyes from watching their every move. It also allows them to relax more in their outdoor spaces. The following is a review of how to estimate the cost of a privacy fence for a residential home.

The Materials and Supplies

First, the owner must consider the cost of all materials and supplies. The type of fence they choose defines the initial cost. Wood is the most economical and provides the best barrier against outsiders. They need to acquire the exact measurements for the fence to define the full cost per linear foot for this fence. Next, they must assess calculate the exact volume of nails, screw, and/or brackets that are required for their chosen privacy fence design.

Acquiring the Right Permit for a Privacy Fence

The homeowner will need to acquire a building permit if they live inside the city limits. The requirements of the permit define the need for an inspection after the installation is performed.

Services to Identify Utility Lines

The owner must hire a technician to evaluate the exterior of the property and define the exact location of all utility lines. If they don’t, they can face hefty fines along with the full cost of repairing these lines. They can contact their local utility companies to acquire this service. The rates vary according to what utility company performs the inspection.

The Full Cost of Labor

If they hire a contractor to install the fence, they will need to acquire the full labor cost. The labor costs equate to only the installation. It doesn’t include any additional materials secured for the project. Contractors can provide them with a clear estimate for labor costs and potential additions.

Homeowners who want to start a privacy fence installation project must review the total cost. They may need assistance from surveyors if they are located close to a neighbor or public property. They will also need estimates from contractors. Homeowners who need information about installing a privacy fence can acquire details from local contractors at no cost.