Don’t Forget the Gate

When considering your fencing options, it is vital you think about gates as well. Most people choose to have at least one gate to get in and out of a yard without having to go through the house. If you are having friends over for a backyard barbecue or simply doing some gardening, outdoor access into a fenced-in area can add convenience and efficiency to your life.

Double- or Single-Swing Gates

Outdoor swing gates operate by swinging inward or outward, and can be fitted with special door hardware, cylinder lock sets, pad locking and more. If the opening is large, it may require a double-swing gate, with two swinging doors. Depending on the gate’s length it can be motorized and have added-on access controls.

Overhead Slide Gates

When there is limited space for a gate to be in an open position, an overhead sliding gate is a sufficient solution. This type of gate slides along a beam across the top or bottom of the opening, and can operate manually or using a motor.

Cantilever Slide Gates

A cantilever slide gate uses a counter-balance load bearing design to support the entire weight of the gate as it reaches across the entryway.

Rolling Gates

This gate style uses a set of wheels to support it on an embedded v-track.

Swinging gates are the most common residential gate option, but consider the following questions when choosing a gate style:

  • How will the property be entered?
  • What access control will be used?
  • How will people exit?


Courtesy of Midwest Fence Corporation and the American Fence Association