DIY Fence Decorations

The winter chill is sweeping into western Michigan, so what does is a person to do to keep themselves busy? Rather than tossing out old fence materials that will end up in a landfill, use them for a home decorating craft! Here are a few ways you can reuse old fence posts, boards and other materials while adding a little flair to the interior of your home.

Decorative Headboard

Wooden or iron gates can make for beautiful headboards. A white picket fence can be used for a young girl’s headboard, while an ornamental wrought iron gate can put a formal enhancement in the master bedroom. If you want a more challenging project, you can even transform a chain link fence into the latest addition to your guestroom.

Living Room Decoration

The lack of greenery in plants and trees over the winter can be somewhat depressing. However, bring the garden into your home by adding fencing materials to the decor of your living room. Make sure you clean and sand any old materials before getting started, and paint or stain them as you’d like. Lastly, add hanging fixtures, and picture frame molding if you have it, to hang the materials on the wall.

Window Privacy

In some neighborhoods, homes are so close together that it is hard to find privacy. In order to create a pleasant space with some privacy, hang a trellis from the window frame and grow a climbing plant along the trellis. Be sure to set this up in an area that gets plenty of sunlight.


We can always use more storage in our homes, right? If you end up with extra wooden planks once your fencing project is done, turn them into shelving space! First, cut the boards to the desired size, then clean and sand the wood as necessary. Paint, stain and add any other decorative additions you want. Buy some shelf fixtures to mount the shelves to the wall, and you have some easy shelves!

Children’s Bedroom

A simple and cute addition to your child’s room is to re-purpose sections of an old picket fence. Embellish the fence as you’d like, then use strong hooks to mount it to the wall just above the baseboard. On top of brightly painted walls, this gives the feeling that the fence is truly surrounding the room. You can even add artificial flowers for additional decoration.

Reusing old fence materials is an environmentally-conscious way to decorate various spaces in your home. This winter, take on an indoor fencing project of your own!



Courtesy of Rick’s Fencing