Commercial Dumpster Enclosures Enhance The Beauty And Satisfy Town Codes

Commercial Dumpster Enclosures Enhance The Beauty And Satisfy Town Codes

Are you dealing with an unsightly dumpster? Why not just cover it up? Today there are many options available to rid areas of dumpsters that are eyesores. These covers help to enhance commercial property by creating a more visually appealing area.

Besides the need for a better aesthetic look and feel, there are also towns that have restrictive codes concerning dumpsters and their enclosures. You can cover the crude- looking area with vinyl, wood even chain link-w-slating. That will do more than just satisfy the city codes, it will create a beautiful appearance that increases the appeal of any home or business.

There are many options available for you to choose from like –

Chain Link Fence & Privacy Slats

You have unlimited freedom when working with chain link fencing due to its versatility, flexibility, strength, and the low cost of installation. Today is is the most used type of fencing being used for both residential and commercial applications. It comes in different colors to match the surroundings and is designed to last for an incredibly long time.

Commercial Galvanized Chain Link Dumpster Enclosure
Commercial Galvanized Chain Link Dumpster Enclosure in Mount Pleasant, Michigan.

Treated Wood Connected to Galvanized Steel Posts

Among the most popular wood for wood fences is Cedar. It is among the most durable of all woods and the most resistant to insects and decay. Even if you leave it unfinished, it still weathers to a silver gray. Of course, it can be stained to any color you want.

These come in sections connected to the posts which means no ‘toe-screwing’ or ‘nailed-on’ work. It gives your fence more structural integrity for sustaining time and weather. It can cover your dumpster area with a look that is neat, clean attractive.

Custom Cedar Wood Privacy Enclosure
Custom Cedar Wood Privacy Enclosure in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Polyvinyl Custom Enclosures

A Polyvinyl fence is very attractive, durable virtually maintenance-free. These fences come in a broad range of styles and designs like:

  • Privacy
  • Picket
  • Semi-privacy
  • Split-rail

and the hidden picket fasteners along with the notched rails make for a clean and polished look. Welded frames on the privacy gates along with the post stiffeners bring added strength to support the gates. You can get these fences in a wide assortment of textures and colors, including various wood grain looks.

White Polyvinyl Privacy Fence Enclosure
White Polyvinyl Privacy Fence Enclosure in Saugatuck, Michigan.

Bollards and Bollard Covers

These are an excellent way to improve your facility and keep the maintenance costs low. It saves you time on painting and the messy cleanup from it.

Bollard covers slide easily overtop of the current posts and are then secured into place using gripper tabs. These gripper tabs can be replaced by foam strips if the post size is non- standard.

Bollard covers come in a variety of color and different diameters. They enhance the aesthetic beauty of your fenced-in dumpster area and protect from the traffic of the garbage trucks.

We handle a wide variety of commercial fencing applications and would be glad to discuss your unique challenges and recommend solutions that will work long term. Reach out to us today!