Cat-Proof Fencing for your Yard

Many household cats are notorious for finding ways to slip outside. Unfortunately for them, it isn’t always so safe to let them wander. Cats are sneaky and stealthy if nothing else, so how can we contain these little guys to our backyards without them straying off? Sure, some cats can handle a life of solitude, but that isn’t the life we want for all of our adventurous little furry friends. If you’ve had a little one escape recently, it’s time to look for some cat-proof fencing solutions.

Luckily, Straight Line Fences offers custom pet fencing styles! However, maybe you already have your fence, and you’re looking for some additional cautious measures to take. If that’s the case, then hopefully some of these cat-proof fencing ideas can provide you with exactly what you need to get started!

Reinforcing your Fence

Mesh or Netting

Most effective cat fences consist of some loose mesh since many cats can’t stand the instability. If you’re simply looking to reinforce an existing fence for your furry feline friends, then there are certainly some measures you can take.

A common solution for many of the taller fences, like wooden fences, for example, is first to secure all gaps in the fence that you suspect your cat could squeeze through. Next, purchase a durable mesh or netting that can be attached to your fence using secured poles of some sort! There are many ways to go about this, so I won’t delve into too much detail.

Secure the pole to the fence and the netting to both the pole and the fence. Bend the pole at roughly a 45-degree angle about one foot away from one end of the pole. The goal of this is to have the netting angled low and secured loose enough that your cats won’t be able to climb it. Your result will have the same conceptual idea as the above photo. Even if your cat is a known acrobat, it likely won’t be able to scale the unsteady upside-down netting.

Fence Spikes

Another practical possibility is to purchase some spikes for the top of your fence. It may seem unideal or even cruel, but the spikes used for this are plastic and far more flexible than one would assume. That being said, they will not cause any pain to your cats, but rather some unpleasant discomfort. Hopefully, it will be just enough to discourage them from climbing the fence! The lengths of the spikes can be adjusted, and they are also fairly easy to install, so this may be the most hassle-free cat-proof fencing solution.


Some cat lovers, in particular, are quite fond of this last idea. Build a catio! If you’re wondering what on earth a catio is, see the photo to the right. It’s a patio for your cats! Be as creative as you’d like with this alternative and your cat is sure to love it no matter what. Whether you choose to close off a part of your patio, a region of your garden or section of your yard, just make sure that you fill it with some exciting obstacles and cat-friendly plants! Some cat owners even go with a simpler alternative and make a window box for their cats; it’s totally up to the owner.

If you’re still struggling to come up with feasible kitty-containment solutions for your yard or you’ve yet to build a fence, give Straight Line Fences a call today. See what custom made solutions we can come up with to meet your pet fencing needs!