Benefits of Commercial Fencing for Your Property

Over the years, we’ve worked on thousands of fence projects. That is hundreds of West Michigan homeowners and Businesses trust us with their custom, professional fence installations EVERY YEAR. While fencing around your yard as a homeowner has obvious benefits, we often find commercial fencing projects to have many similar merits – and even some surprising benefits you may not have considered.

If you’re a property owner, facility manager, or business owner; take a look at how a custom fence installation could improve your facility and bring value to your business.

 1. Enhanced Security

When we discuss “security” concerns for businesses, we sometimes think of facility dealing with sensitive materials or secret information. While these businesses certainly need an added level of security on their fences; many other businesses could benefit from locking things down a bit tighter as well.

Do you stage materials or product outside? What about vehicles or trailers? Keeping these items safe with a commercial fencing solution should be a priority.

What about ensuring the personnel that is coming onto the property is supposed to be on the property? Place a key-carded gate along your fence on the entryway to keep unwanted guests like solicitors out.

Is your property dark at night? If so, this can be a magnet for crimes like trespassing, vandalism, and even theft.  A fence can deter this behavior and help give you some peace-of-mind.

2. Property Definition

Is your property close to other businesses or even residences? Do you have customers that come to your site to purchase items? Do you have regular deliveries coming in or shipments going out? Is there more than one access point or driveway onto your property? Maybe your neighbors don’t care for their property the way your business does.

There are multiple reasons to install a commercial fence to help define where your property starts and ends – and even to help direct traffic into and out of specific areas.

3. Property Improvement & Aesthetic


Sometimes commercial properties can have unavoidable sore spots. From scrap piles and waste dumpsters to ugly equipment; a fence enclosure can designate certain areas and conceal more unsightly areas of your property.

More than tidying up, a custom commercial fence around your property can improve its overall aesthetic. If you’re serving customers at your location, a nice open fence can provide a clean, welcoming feel. But even if you’re not serving customers at your location, a nice fence can show the public that you take pride in your property – and therefore will show you take pride in your work.

4. Privacy & Seclusion

If privacy is a priority for your business, consider a custom wood privacy fence to bring some seclusion to your commercial property. Install a gate for extra privacy.

Consult with Straight Line Fence

We have an expert team ready to help you design and install the perfect fence or variety of fences for your commercial property. We’ve worked with hundreds of businesses just like yours to create more value in your property through commercial fencing. Reach out to us today to schedule a free consultation.