Advantages of Low Maintenance Fencing

Advantages of Low Maintenance Fencing

Fences are versatile, practical, beautiful, and available in a wide variety of materials. Whether the main function is safety and security, privacy, decoration, separating landscaping elements, or protection for pets there are a few options to consider. Traditional materials, such as wood and wrought iron, provide classic looks that are still very popular. They also require a significant amount of maintenance. There are newer materials that resemble the appearances of classic looks but offer advantages that accompany low maintenance fencing.

Traditional Materials

A Wood Fence is sturdy and beautiful. The wood can be carved into different shapes, intricate designs, and embellishments like scrolls at the top or a family name on the gate. Different woods are used to offer customers choices of grains, colors, and thicknesses. Wood can be stained, painted, and clear coated to let the natural appearance shine through.

The degree of maintenance required to keep wood fences intact and strong is high. The surface must be re-stained or re-painted every two to three years to protect the wood from the elements, termites, and damage due to pets and passers-by. Freezing and thawing cause wood to expand and constrict. If the Fence Company installs the posts into the soil, the fence will become loose in a year or two. Posts installed in concrete will remain in place.

Wrought Iron

This material is flexible, stable, and often ornate in appearance. Many people select wrought iron when ordering a Custom Fence because it is easy to mold and shape. The possibilities are virtually endless for designs. Iron is susceptible to corrosion. Moisture, rain, snow and sleet will cause it to oxidize, change color, and disintegrate. Coatings need to be applied annually to protect the surface.

Newer Options

One of the most cost-effective and low maintenance options is a Vinyl Fence. The material is manufactured in a variety of colors, patterns, and grains that closely resemble the appearance of wood. A fence made of vinyl will not fade, chip, peel, or become infested with termites or other pests. Cleaning it can be done with a mild soap and a garden hose. Once an experienced Fence Company installs this material, it is virtually maintenance-free.

A decorative Aluminum Fence includes a powder coating that mimics the look of wrought iron without all the maintenance involved. The cost is less than wrought iron as well. This is an ideal choice for fencing around pools, water features, and gardens because moisture will not ruin it. Another low-maintenance option is a chain link fence. It is simple but effective and can be coated in limited colors.

Personalizing a Fence

Whatever type of fence is chosen can be decorated to reflect the personality of the family or the nature of the business. Murals or designs can be painted on the fence. Unique fence post caps can be selected, or custom designed. Three-dimensional embellishments can be added, such as wreaths, birdhouses, or restaurant logos.


The important aspect to consider with any residential or commercial fencing is the maintenance required to keep it durable and looking fantastic. Significant maintenance will add to the total costs of the fence throughout the years. The advantages of low maintenance fencing include minimal costs, effort, and few repairs over the years.