A Fencing Company that Works for You

Typically when homeowners decide they either need a new fence installed or an old fence repaired, they will quickly survey for the fencing company with the best price. Some homeowners have the drive to install or repair their fencing themselves, but may not have the technical know-how to complete the job correctly. What homeowners should consider is the quality of service that will go into their purchase. At Straight Line Fence we offer not only excellent materials, but excellent service as well.

When choosing us as your fencing provider, you will immediately see that we strive to foster personal relationships with each of our customers. With over 20 years of experience, our service team will go above and beyond to make you feel valued and not just another project to be completed. We pride ourselves on being able to say that if you aren’t satisfied with our work, then we will continue to make it right until you are.

Because Straight Line Fence offers both new fencing and fence repairs, our service team is available to help walk you through your options. If it’s new fencing materials you need when constructing an updated or first time fence for your yard, we offer custom wood, chain link, and polyvinyl fencing for a variety of options. If a repair is all you need, we have you covered. We work to offer all of the fencing related services you could possibly need in order to keep your fence looking and working the way it should.

Our Grand Rapids, Michigan-based company works closely on each project to give it the attention to detail needed for success. From material gathering to installation, our service team will work with you to get the project done right. Don’t waste time searching for the cheapest solution just to get repairs done shortly after. Get the job done quickly and correctly with the help of Straight Line Fence today.