A Fence that Keeps Everyone Happy

Yes, there is such a thing as a “Good Neighbor” fence. If you plan to install a fence, it will certainly affect the neighbors within close vicinity to your property, so it is important to keep them in mind. These fences have a couple benefits:

  • Looks attractive on both sides, rather than having unappealing backboards on one side.
  • Allows wind to pass through and doesn’t obstruct views.
  • Keeps the peace!

Follow these tips to build a “Good Neighbor” fence that will keep all parties happy.

  1. Communicate with your neighbors. Let those who share a property line with you know about your plans to build, including specific details. Click here for help on how to determine your property line.
  2. Research rules and regulations. Some areas may require costs to be shared if the fence falls directly on a property line. In this case, you may want to install the fence within the line so you have complete control.
  3. Use high quality materials, such as pressure-treated posts and rails. These will ensure that your fence lasts as long as possible.
  4. Take advantage of customization options. You may choose to have a shorter fence with spaces between rails, so that you still have some privacy without completely blocking the neighbors out.
  5. Never forget maintenance! Since your neighbors will have to look at your fence every day, keep it in solid condition and looking great.