4 Reasons to Turn to the Pros

Fence installations – just planting some posts into the ground, right? Not so much. Depending on what you need a fence for, the layout of your yard and the appearance of your home all need to be considered before “digging in.” If you want a sturdy fence that will last a long time and fully serve its purpose, hiring a contractor is wise for assistance throughout the entire process. Here are several reasons why:

  1. Knowledge and experience with all fencing types. If you hire the right contractor, they will have years of experience with a variety of homes and fencing materials and styles. Chances are, you have not been installing fences for years, so professionals have a one-up on you in this area.
  2. Awareness of laws and regulations. Most cities and towns have their own building regulations and limitations on height, materials and how close a fence can be to a neighbor’s property. Local fencing companies stay abreast on all these laws to ensure your fence won’t be an infringement.
  3. Proper preparations. Practically all fences need evenly spaced and leveled post holes in place before installation can begin. If these post holes are performed incorrectly, your fence will be crooked and unstable. Experienced contractors can do this quickly and efficiently.
  4. Experience with different surfaces. No yard is perfectly flat. Even slight dips and elevations in the yard’s surface require adjustments in the length of fence posts. It can be hard to estimate this if you buy the materials on your own.



Courtesy of Networx