3 Reasons You May Need Custom Fence Installation

If you are like 83% of Americans, you think having a yard is important, and if you’re like 90%, you believe its important to keep it well maintained. Maintenance is part protection, part beautification, and part quality. A homeowner might choose to build a new patio, plant some hydrangeas — or even build a fence.

Fences serve many purposes: they can keep wildlife out, keep little kids and pets in, and beautify a property and its grounds. Not to mention the privacy that comes with fencing, especially in the backyard. By combining both practicality and aesthetics, you certainly get your moneys worth when it comes to quality home fencing.

One great way to get a nice looking fence is to get it custom made, and follow up with professional fence installation. This guarantees that the final product looks genuinely well crafted, and makes it a quality addiction to your home.

Here are three reasons you may want to look into custom fencing, and the services of fence installation companies.

Protection and Privacy
According to the U.S. Zoning committee experts, 80-90% of applications for fences are for stockade, or privacy fences. You may want to shield your yard or pool from prying eyes, but why let a big, solid fence retract from the beauty of your property. Getting a custom fence made and installed in order to compliment your existing yard elements is a great way to protect your privacy and drive up the value of your home.

You want to fence off an irregular space
If you need a fence for a strange or irregular space (near the pool and some flower beds, or adjacent to your house and the carport) it is probably better to enlist the help of custom fence companies than it is to try to make the manufactured ones fit.

You want to make a statement
Considering that relaxing, gardening and entertaining are the top three uses for outdoor spaces, it is well worth it to invest in landscaping and hardscaping elements. Don’t be afraid to ask your custom fence designer to make your fence unique — whether it’s with unique cutouts, or personalized fence posts.

Don’t neglect any aspect of your beautiful yard. Get custom fencing and enjoy a long summer of privacy and beauty.