Why You Should Schedule Your Spring Fence Installation

This time of year in Michigan, the weather is beginning to get warmer, the snow is starting to melt, but it’s inevitable that we’ll see at least one more snowfall. If you’ve been waiting until spring to schedule your fence installation, you may want to rethink that.

1. Material delays

Because of global supply chain issues, many of our most common fence material manufacturers are running behind. If you wait until spring to schedule your fence installation, the material delays might mean we won’t get your fence materials until much later in the spring or even into the summer. This means, the sooner we can get your order placed, the better.

2. Our Spring Schedule Fills Up Fast

Spring is the most popular season to have fence installed because homeowners are looking to have their fresh fence in place for enjoyment during the summer. But this means our schedule fills up fast. Reaching out to us now, to get your estimate taken care of, your materials ordered, and your installation day scheduled will greatly increase your chances of getting an ideal project completion date. This means you can enjoy your brand new fence all summer this year and not just for part of it.

3. More Time To Get Exactly What You Want

Yes, time frame matters to maximize your enjoyability of your fence. However, timing also matters when it comes to the style and design of your fence. Especially if you’re looking to have a custom designed fence – complete with gates, and signature touches – having a bit more time to work on the design, style, finish, orientation, and creativity of your fence will be important.

Free Estimates… Any Time Of Year

We always offer free estimates to our customers. Yes, even in winter. This means you can plan for your spring fence installation, now! Give us a call or fill out our estimate request form and let’s get the process rolling!