These Boundaries Have Their Benefits

One of the greatest decisions you will have to make when deciding to install a fence in your yard is what material you want your fence to be. There are several options, but what benefits do you get from each?

Wood Fencing

  • Gives a warm, natural look
  • Long-lasting with proper maintenance (must clean, sand, stain and reseal at least once every two years)
  • Renewable resource
  • Easy to customize and and add your own unique style with paint, stain and decoration

Vinyl Fencing

  • Minimal maintenance required (clean with soap and water when surface becomes dirty)
  • No discoloration or cracking due to sun exposure
  • Always in great condition (no need to paint or stain)
  • Stronger and more flexible

Aluminum Fencing

  • Great for security (potential intruders generally avoid aluminum fencing with spikes)
  • Long-lasting finish won’t chip, crack or peel
  • Sturdy, but still allows a view of your garden, pool or landscaping
  • Natural support for climbing plants

Chain Link

  • Functional and affordable
  • No maintenance required
  • Good for security
  • Able to add vinyl coating or slats to make the fence appear less stark

What kind of fencing will work best for your project? It all depends on what you want to get out of the fence – we can help you decide!



Courtesy of Rick’s Fencing