Cable Railing

Keep Your Mind (and Your Deck) Open

Thinking about installing a new deck or need new a new railing for an existing deck?

Consider a cable railing. These increasingly popular railing systems are contemporary and have a modern aesthetic, as they use either horizontal or vertical cables in place of traditional posts made of wood, aluminum, and other common materials. Homeowners who spend a lot of time on their deck or patio enjoy many benefits to having a cable railing, such as:

An unobstructed view. Since cables are far thinner than traditional posts, your deck or patio will feel larger and more open, and you will be able to look out at surrounding scenery without much being blocked out. Even with the less obtrusive design, cable railings provide the safety and strength of bulkier materials.

Options and variety. You can truly make your cable railing unique by choosing either horizontal or vertical cables between posts, add decorative panels if you wish and even use glass in your railing design.

Easy to install. This clean, modern railing system has a relatively quick and easy installation process. Want to change part of the design? If you decide to replace or alter certain aspects of the railing it can be done pretty smoothly.

Looking to get the most out of your deck or patio space come spring and summer? Learn more about how cable railings could be just the thing you need!


Courtesy of Do It Yourself