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A Guide to Different Types of Wood for Fencing

When you and your fence contractor determine the site and measurements of a custom wood fence, the next step is to choose the right construction materials. Wood is frequently chosen for its aesthetic appeal, but not all Types of wood for fencing are the same. The right choice for wood fence projects depends on quality, […]

Tips for Building a “Neighborly” Fence

Tips for Building a Neighborly Fence Building a Custom Fence is an easy way to improve the home’s value and curb appeal while giving the yard an entirely new look. As great as fences are, though, the homeowner isn’t the only one who has to live with them when they’re built. Neighbors will also experience […]

Spring Cleaning

Spring is creeping in, and your fence may be showing some wear from the rough winter. This is the prime time for maintenance – you can either schedule an appointment with a fencing contractor, or go through the following check list to ensure your fence will be functional and aesthetically appealing throughout spring and summer. […]

3 Reasons You May Need Custom Fence Installation

If you are like 83% of Americans, you think having a yard is important, and if you’re like 90%, you believe its important to keep it well maintained. Maintenance is part protection, part beautification, and part quality. A homeowner might choose to build a new patio, plant some hydrangeas — or even build a fence. […]

DIY vs. Professional Fence Installation for Homeowners

If you’ve been thinking about adding a fence around your home, you’ve probably been considering whether you should pay to have it professionally installed, or save some money and start a DIY project. There are certainly pros and cons to each option, so it’s important to weigh them out. DIY Fence Installation Cons: One thing […]

A Fencing Company that Works for You

Typically when homeowners decide they either need a new fence installed or an old fence repaired, they will quickly survey for the fencing company with the best price. Some homeowners have the drive to install or repair their fencing themselves, but may not have the technical know-how to complete the job correctly. What homeowners should […]

Should I Repair or Replace my Fence?

Fencing offers privacy as well as a border around a home to keep children and pets from escaping the yard. It can also provide security for a home or business. To keep a fence looking good for many years, it’s critical to inspect it annually and make repairs as needed. While, sometimes, home and business […]