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Benefits Offered by Polyvinyl Fencing

Fences are offered in a wide array of finishes and materials, including chain link, bamboo, vinyl, iron, and wood. Each option has a unique set of advantages as well as disadvantages. In recent years, vinyl fences have become quite popular due to their affordability and versatility. These types of fences are available in a number […]

Why Wooden Gates Sag

When homeowners find themselves with a saggy gate, they must know that there are quite a lot of factors that contribute to the situation. This often creates a frustrating problem that is usually unsightly, doesn’t function properly, and is not so easily fixed most of the times. Here are some factors to consider: Add-On or […]

Be Prepared Before Fence Installation

If you’re feeling brave, you may want to attempt to take on your fence installation or repair yourself. But a new fence installation has quite a few things to consider before getting started. Turning to the help of a contractor can help keep the following preparations in mind and determine who is responsible for each […]

Styles for Your Poly Vinyl Fence

You already have plenty of home and garden upkeep throughout the spring and summer, so why add more maintenance work into the mix? Poly vinyl fencing is perfect for those who want to add a stylish fence that isn’t time consuming. If you decide this type of fencing material, you have additional style options to […]

Cost Comparison: Vinyl vs. Wood Fence

If cost is a deciding factor in what materials you will use for your fence installation, it helps to know how the prices of different materials differ. Two of the most popular fences you see today, wood and vinyl, vary in costs of the material itself, installation, maintenance and replacement. See how they stack up […]

My Kind of Privacy

Want your privacy with a little pizzazz? You may not know that a privacy fence actually offers a variety of customization options so you can make your fence match your unique style. Here are just a few: Add spaces between boards for a semi-privacy fence. Give boards a dog-eared shape.   Add a pretty lattice design […]

4 Reasons to Turn to the Pros

Fence installations – just planting some posts into the ground, right? Not so much. Depending on what you need a fence for, the layout of your yard and the appearance of your home all need to be considered before “digging in.” If you want a sturdy fence that will last a long time and fully […]

What Fence Material is Best For You?

Ready For A New Fence? What Fence Material Is Right For You? These days, there are quite a few materials with which you can build a custom fence. We Offer: Varieties of Wood Fence Ornamental Aluminum Fence Polyvinyl Fence Chain Link Fence Specially Designed Pool Fence With so many options out there, it is hard […]

Working With Your HOA

Most communities have a Home Owner’s Association, a group of people in the neighborhood working to monitor the area and make improvements. This association sets standards and regulations as to what can be done to one’s property to ensure all residents maintain their properties in a similar form. Most of the time these by-laws are […]