Vertical Gardening with Your Privacy Fence

If you live in the city or even the suburbs, it can be difficult to grow your own garden. The lack of space in a yard can limit your ability to grow the plants you want. If you live in an urban environment, this doesn’t mean you have to settle for buying all produce at […]

Horse Fencing and Your Farm: Part 2 [Horse Fence Styles]

Our previous blog on horse fencing materials walked you through the two main horse fence materials (polyvinyl and wood) now you can start thinking about the construction of the fence you want. There are certainly some classic looking ways to structure horse fencing, and Straight Line Fence has had experience crafting a variety of fencing for […]

Horse Fencing and Your Farm: Part 1 [The Two Most Common Horse Fence Materials]

It’s incredibly important to have quality horse fencing installed on your farm because of the hazards it can prevent. Horses need to be protected from potential harm outside of the designated grazing area as they can easily injure themselves or people who attempt to catch and return them. But just because horse fencing is used […]